Shannon Crawford


Nick Jr ReDesign Production
I served as the Production Assistant for Nick Jr’s 2018 on Air Promos ReDesign. I was brought onto the project to assist with file organization and tracking, communication with freelance editors, invoicing, and sending deliverables to air. I also had the opportunity to sit in during writers meeting and provide a few concepts for logo IDs and other promos. I learned how to work within a large company and step up to do work efficiently to benefit a team. 

Animation Production
I began my time with Sockeye Media as a PA and Jr. Animator. Over my two years with the company I worked up to become an Animation Producer. I managed a team of in-house and freelance animators to produce animated videos for Sockeye Media’s multiple brands. 

I’ve been involved in the design, story boarding, animating, and post production phases of varying projects. I also served as the main contact point with a large 3D animation company Sockeye Media worked with to create their first series of 3D content.

Minecraft Let’s Play Production
I served as a producer for Sockeye Media’s Let’s Play YouTube channel “Mother Goose Club Minecraft.” I led the creation of the design, story, and branding of the new channel, along with performing as the lead character “Eep The Mouse.” I learned the complete process of developing, refining, and updating a show to appeal to an audience on a specific platform. 

Although no longer working as a producer with Sockeye Media, I still serve as their gameplay and voice talent for “Eep the Mouse.” 

Live Action Production
From prop master to shoot PA, I’ve participated in multiple live action shoots with Sockeye Media. I’ve designed and fabricated props and costume accessories for green screen shoots. I’ve also served as costume manager and catering manager for multiple smaller shoots. Whether my roll in a shoot involves taking charge or taking direction, I know what is needed and how best I can provide it to a crew, producer, and director. 

Working with young children to tell tell a story has taught me patience and the importance of the balance of a friendly attitude and ability to work under pressure.